tom jarrett.  

I am a Designer and I have been designing digital products and services since the first iPhone launched. I explore sustainable interaction design and ecologically aware digital products and services.

As technology’s carbon footprint rapidly increases, it’s becoming clear that infinite digital growth and wasteful digital products and services need to be rethought and redesigned to fit within our planetary boundaries.

There’s a need to examine technology in the present and reimagine it for the future. Designing techology for non-exponential times by reducing energy and resource use and repurposing our design processes to reflect these ecological limits.

This shouldn’t be about shaming users or burdening them with the responsibility. The responsibility for reducing carbon and energy use in the digital world should start with those of us designing and building digital products and services.

The internet is a vital tool with unimaginable benefits and digital technology will be an important part of communicating, organising and reworking the future, so we need to make it fit for a sustainable world.


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